Entertainment Options at Al Hamra mall

Think entertainment, think Al Hamra Mall. Find entertainment options for complete family under one roof.

Featuring the highly anticipated new releases, Vox Cinemas at Al Hamra Mall takes your movie time a notch up. The multiplex guarantees an immersive moviegoing experience. Check out the latest releases to plan a movie outing now.

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Funville in RAK
Funville in RAK

Yalla! It’s fun time.

Your kids are sure going to have great fun at Al Hamra Mall. Funville offers multiple fantastic activities for the young ones to keep them entertained. From car rides to bouncy play areas, swings and video games, Funville has it all and is one of the must-go places in the mall.

Kids Train

Choo Choo train, rolling down the lane!
Cha cha cha cha choo choo train, rolling down the choo choo lane.
Get your kids on the train in Al Hamra Mall. Let them have all the fun.