Valet parking at Al Hamra Mall


Parking Spaces

Enjoy the convenience of parking as close as you can to your favourite store

Other Services

At Al Hamra, we offer much more than just shopping, dining & entertainment. Take a look at the additional services that we offer to our visitors.


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Bringing the experiential shopping of Al Hamra Mall closer to you!

Take advantage of Al Hamra's free shuttle bus service from key prominent hotels and explore retail, entertainment and F&B options of the mall.

Free Wifi

Why consuming your own data? Enjoy high speed free Wifi Service at Al Hamra Mall.

Valet Parking

Free Valet Parking will be provided by Al Hamra Mall at the entrance

Courtesy Policy

Because Al Hamra Mall is a family destination, we would appreciate all our guests to adhere to the courtesy policy.

Car Washing

Avail car washing services in the parking area while you shop at the mall. Save time and tick off a weekly chore from your list.